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[REQ] Automatic mac address filter bypass script

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Well i figured i'd give this forum a shot on trying to find someone whos a good bash scripter to help me with a bash script.

I'm looking to get a Automatic Mac Address filtering script made something that has options and you can fill in to have the bash script so all the typing for me.

Haven't ever seen a script like this but im sure anyone who knows how to make bash scripts and knows how the commands for mac address filter bypassing could make a nice script.

Are you wanting to just change the Mac at random ?

Would be nice if it could have a option to ask you what you want to set the mac address to.
I think alot of people would find this kinda script to be useful if someone could make it.

I'm not sure if you ever looked at like airoscript before but if you have a script like that where it has options you pick and then you give it the answers and it preforms the steps for you based on the information you give it.

Myself im getting lazy in my days i prefer to have a script ask me what i want to do then have to manually type it out everytime it gets old fast.

We have a script changer. I actually use it in my weppy and wepwap tools. I am not home right now but I can make one pretty easily. I'm assuming it would be changing mon0 ?



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