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Author Topic: My new hackintosh OSX 86 set it up on my Shuttle K-45, I was bored lol  (Read 738 times)

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I'm downloading backbox to run in a VM thats why the drive is mounted for BBox. Virtualbox installed perfectly, it's amazing when you use Backtrack all the time you always expect a problem when installing simple programs that are made to just work. Offensive Security always finds a way to break any great program and make it look like junk when we all know who the real junk is lol My hackintosh is running on a Shuttle K-45 with an Intel Celeron Dual core and 4 gigs of ram.. Weird I did this OS from scratch which isn't supposed to work but it works totally flawless> Huuuum! PAy attention Backtrack "GURUS" over at Offensive security LMFAO!

By the way this is the world most stable hackintosh, if anyone wants to make one let me know. The barebones case and board are only around $99 if you can still pick one up. I'll send you all the files you need to set it up and tell you exactly how to do it form start to finish  :)

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