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handshake found bruteforce && Reaver Ap limit

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Hi guys
 I'm looking to find the password of this network but I can not. I try to use Reaver but I have an error: AP limit ....with bruteforce I have a pc too slow ....
Can someone help me? It is becoming a challenge .... I already have my private connection

Man , i tried to run it using pyrit & aircrack-ng , my lappy had a strike of fever although i have 4gb ram dual-core.
I analyzed the .cap file , it is heavy indeed but full 4 way handshake , so the password is retrievable.
you will need lots of time trying to guess it ! is it really that important to you ? 

sorry but that is not a file of you!! Bruteforcing this may take up to a year take a while... nex7 self :D

This ok?

I try to use elcomsoftware.....but my pc have 512 ram :-)

 I just found a numeric password with bruteforce and with Reaver numeric + characters password but with this network I can not to found password ....

This is the error with Reaver -Wifite-
[0:00:00] initializing WPS PIN attack on za_Home (B8:A3:86:E7:D8:F0)
 [0:11:00] WPS attack, 0/0 success/ttl, 0.71% complete (4 sec/att)   
 [!] unable to complete successful try in 660 seconds
 [+] skipping za_Home


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