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Author Topic: Windows 7 'F8' Bootloader?  (Read 681 times)

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Windows 7 'F8' Bootloader?
« on: September 15, 2013, 10:56:41 AM »
I've run dual boots on endless combinations of OS's, today I was asked to add a 'silent' boot menu to a Windows 7 system - by silent I mean using the windows mbr, but only displaying the possible OS options on a keypress...

Previously this has worked without a hitch, although this was the first time I have done it with a Windows 7 system. I've had no issues altering the mbr and adding the option, but it would seem the standard F8/F5 key press on boot doesn't trigger anything?

I'd rather avoid using something like a 1 second count down as the request is for it to be hidden unless pressed.

Does anyone know what's changed in 7 and how to achieve this?

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