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What would you like to learn?

Beginner - How to solve a rubicks cube.
4 (26.7%)
Beginner - How to solder.
3 (20%)
Advanced - How to build a 2W laser.
3 (20%)
Advanced - How to build a device that can turn off any TV.
3 (20%)
Experienced - How to build a LED color organ.
1 (6.7%)
Advanced - How to build an Apple 1 replica.
1 (6.7%)

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Author Topic: Hardware Tutorial for the first month  (Read 3275 times)

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Re: Hardware Tutorial for the first month
« Reply #15 on: May 01, 2013, 07:47:18 PM »
I'm new to the "sec" world, but I've put in some time soldering.  I used to be a Test Technician at a printed circuit board manufacturing company and I've done my share of bad cap replacements in LCD's and on motherboards, and DC Jack replacements on laptops. 

I can't say that I have the time to make a tutorial just yet, but I could assist with one or give some pointers.

What's nice is that a lot of manufacturers have realized the DC jack weakness and have moved from board mounted jacks to either daughter-boards or wire harnesses.  Either way it makes the repair much easier.