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Author Topic: OS X Auditor  (Read 1029 times)

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OS X Auditor
« on: September 18, 2013, 01:13:08 PM »
Hi guys,

Well, I'm definitely not a lover of MAC but it will do probably some of you happy.

OS X Auditor is a free Mac OS X computer forensics tool.
OS X Auditor parses and hashes the following artifacts on the running system or a copy of a system you want to analyze:

  • the kernel extensions
  • the system agents and daemons
  • the third party's agents and daemons
  • the old and deprecated system and third party's startup items
  • the users' agents
  • the users' downloaded files
  • the installed applications
It extracts:
  • the users' quarantined files
  • the users' Safari history, downloads, topsites, HTML5 databases and localstore
  • the users' Firefox cookies, downloads, formhistory, permissions, places and signons
  • the users' Chrome history and archives history, cookies, login data, top sites, web data, HTML5 databases and local storage
  • the users' social and email accounts
  • the WiFi access points the audited system has been connected to (and tries to geolocate them)

I will not go further in the description because it will be a pure plagiarism of the author and you can find the following description here:
Code: [Select]
Have a ball...   ;)

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