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Author Topic: Guidelines for Posting Operating Systems and Distros  (Read 2720 times)

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Guidelines for Posting Operating Systems and Distros
« on: December 01, 2013, 01:07:21 PM »
Hello Everyone! There are a Lot of people creating their own Operating Systems and Distros and putting them on the Top-Hat-Sec Forum.
Top-Hat-Sec has our OS/Distros that we support. Our latest is the THS-OSv3.2.
This is Awesome that everyone is creating OS/Distros! We love how enthusiastic and talented our members are!
 However, we have run into some problems with a few of the OS/Distros containing our member perk scripts being in the non-member section and some of the OS/Distros containing programs that you generally have to pay for have been hacked and put on the operating system.
This causes problems and we can get in trouble for the copywritten programs as a lot of the OS/Distros bear wallpaper with our name on it.
So unfortunately we have had to come up with a list of Enforceable Guidelines when posting an OS/Distro.

1) Distro or OS may NOT contain Copywritten Material.
2) Distro or OS may NOT contain any programs you normally have to pay for.
3) The use of the Top-Hat-Sec Logo or name must be approved by either R4v3N or GalaxyNinja.
    This is because, to the world, we are responsible for any OS or Distro that has our name or logo.
4) If it has a Members Only Script, it can ONLY be downloaded in the Members Only section.
    Our members worked very hard on the scripts and we want to honor their request to keep the scripts a perk for supporting members.

Any Operating Systems or Distros that do not follow these guidelines will have their links/topics deleted.
As always we are available by PM, Skype and email.
A computer is only as strong as its user! -R4v3n