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Author Topic: I need an advice, or an idea!!  (Read 579 times)

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I need an advice, or an idea!!
« on: August 25, 2016, 11:19:30 AM »
Hello Tophatters,
long time, since my last post here, but I didn't stop learning. ;D
Last week I had the chance to buy an hp proliant n54l microserver and now its running under my desk very fine :)
Im thinking of setting up a nextcloud server, and tried to use  pfSense, but I dont have the possibility to set my router in modem only mode,
so my first question would be: are there any alternatives, specialized for my simple Setup?
Btw Iam running ESXI 6.0  and have 8gb ram installed. ESXI runs from internal usb port and vmfs device is a small ssd.
What would you do with a setup like this? Are there ESXI alternatives?  Aaaand last question:
Is it possible to map an non vmfs drive to nonVM Client? (I already created the "raw device mapped - device"  ??? , or pointerfile, or .vmdk file of an physical HDD , or WhatTFever it is called, with vmkfstools).
Funny: Cant attach this HDD to any VM with the vSphere WebClient, or VMWare Workstation Pro ESXI Client, It only works with Windows ESXI client, so I always have to call a friend with this clientsoftware, who then connects through vpn to my ESXI server and just adds the HDD without having any error messages) :-\ ...missed the plot: I dont have a Windows PC :) But to setup a WinVmGuest with this client installed, only to manage the ESXI Server from inside, sounds very stupid to me.
thank you!