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Author Topic: Fix all Ralink/ath5k/ath9k drivers for aircrack-ng (no more -1)  (Read 5848 times)


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Re: Fix all Ralink/ath5k/ath9k drivers for aircrack-ng (no more -1)
« Reply #15 on: June 04, 2015, 04:16:23 PM »
Small update,

Ok, i just tested with Ralink RT drivers (not RTL, for RTL i need to write new code) all working fine and aircrack-ng kicking without issues (just stop network manager from menu>services>network manager>network manager stop or from terminal, it's up to you). Some errors pop up but they are not imp. for installation. Good news is that i have found last updated patch (1,2,3) and they don't give errors any more.

This is test code for you (will do the job for any ath9k):

Code: [Select]
sudo -i
Copy this

cd /usr/src/;wget https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/projects/backports/stable/v3.15.1/backports-3.15.1-1.tar.gz;tar -zxvf backports-*;cd backports-*;apt-get install patch;wget https://github.com/hellnet/backports-patches/raw/master/50-1-mac80211.compat08082009.wl_frag%2Back_v1.patch;patch -p1 < 50-1-mac80211.compat08082009.wl_frag+ack_v1.patch;wget https://github.com/hellnet/backports-patches/raw/master/70-1-fix-channel-negative-1.patch;patch -p1 < 70-1-fix-channel-negative-1.patch;wget https://github.com/hellnet/backports-patches/raw/master/60-1-compatdrivers_chan_qos_frag.patch;patch -p1 < 60-1-compatdrivers_chan_qos_frag.patch;rm 50-* 70-* 60-*;make defconfig-ath9k; make; make install; update-initramfs -u; echo "REBOOT"; sleep 5; reboot

P.S. Genuine alfa 036H use Ralink chipset, but drivers are rtxxx or rtlxxx? Thanks.

Just wanted to thank you again ZEROF, these instructions worked also for kernel 3.19 using
backports-20150525. Patches still worked.
No prob man glad you enjoyed it :)